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West Ealing Montessori Nursery (Bilingual French)

About us

West Ealing Montessori Nursery is the only French Bilingual Montessori nursery situated in West Ealing. The nursery cares for children aged from 3 months to 5 years old. It is part of Creative Minds Nurseries Ltd.

Our approach

Our nursery teachers use the Montessori approach within the framework provided by the compulsory Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  The two approaches complement each other to provide a rich and varied diet of learning activities to promote both the academic and social/emotional development of young children.

In addition the nursery follows French curriculum with some of our staff being French native in order for children to successfully access local private and independent, French or international schools at the “Moyenne” or “Grande Section” of the French system.

 Children make daily use of both indoor and outdoor educational facilities. Their individual needs are monitored through our key worker support system and parents receive regular feedback on their child’s progress.  You will be seen as the key partner in this process and will be given regular opportunities to contribute.

Our opening times

Our opening hours are from 8.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am till 5.00pm on Friday, 50 weeks in a year. On Friday nursery closes at 5pm for Synagogue’s use.  There is facility for an early start from 8am and late pick up at 6pm, Monday to Thursday, with a minimal charge. The nursery will be closed for 2 weeks during Christmas period, fees are not payable for this period. All sessions are carefully planned with clear learning outcomes aimed at catering for the individual needs of the child.

Food and Drink

Nursery provides for freshly cooked healthy meals for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch and tea. We cater to vegetarian requirements of the children with only fish (no shell fish) provided as non-vegetarian alternative. Our highly acclaimed menu was created by Nutritional Therapust Gabrielle Looney. Please see our Food and Drink Policy for further details. 

Securing a place at West Ealing Montessori Nursery

To secure a place at the nursery, please complete a registration form and return it with a fee of £50 that is non-refundable. The registration process does not guarantee a place, but ensures a place on our waiting list. Once the place has been offered you will be requested to pay a refundable deposit of £350 for a part time place or £500 for a full time place. Thereafter, if you decide against taking up the offered place, the deposit then becomes non-refundable. The fees are payable month in advance. A full term's written notice will be required to terminate your contract.

 School uniform

Children attending West Ealing Montessori Nursery will be encouraged to wear the school uniform consisting of a red polo-neck T-shirt, navy blue sweat shirt and joggers.  Parents are requested to purchase the uniform and the school bag during the INSET week from the nursery.

The French Curriculum

West Ealing Montessori Nursery employs French Speaking staff to cater to families who wish for their children to be spoken to in French. The nursery employs designated French teachers to implement and cover the French Curriculum in preparation for entry in “Moyenne” or “Grande Section” of the French system.

Baby Nursery

Our baby unit is set within two large, bright and spacious rooms providing stimulating sensorial experiences for babies from 3 months to 2 years old. Specially trained staff are employed for baby room to ensure that individual needs of the babies are met with minimum disruption. Parents are requested to provide for formula milk, nappies, wipes, creams, soothers and comfort items. A daily card to inform you of your baby’s day will be given at the end of each day.

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